The greatest irony of all!!!


In John 18:28 The Jews are bringing Jesus before Pilate with the hope being that he will be executed (v31). Yet in verse 28 we see them not wanting to go into the Roman palace as this would make them unclean and unable to eat the Passover.

They strictly observed their God given rules and regulations, they would claim that Gods Passover and saving them from slavery meant so much to them. They were religious zealots who put obeying God at the centre of all they did. They no doubt would feel that God would look favourably on them due to their strict observance of all Gods laws. The fact that they not only missed Gods appointed messenger, chosen instrument and son but where bringing him to be executed is astonishing but is also sobering.
Why sobering? We can all do this, we can all go after our own views of what we feel is right, we can all go to church, read the Word and all the while invite others into the kingdom. The key question is this.
Am I doing it Gods way or my own way?
Matthew 7:21 says that not everyone who claims to follow but only he who does the will of God will get into heaven. Not because of Gods overly perfect standard but because of our imperfect motivation.
Lets keep an eye on our motivations now and again, and ensure that we do what we do for God and not for ourselves.

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