What happens when we die? (1)

The greatest of all questions, the big daddy of doubts and the words we rarely like to utter. Very often the elephant in the room and the question in which can create the most awkward of responses.

Can we know and where can we turn for answers in what is arguably the most important of all questions. What happens to us when we die? Lucky for us the bible describes in detail what happens and what determines our destination.

What happens after we die depends on what happens before we die.

Hebrews 9:27 says that “just as man is destined to die once and after that to face judgement”. This is an appointment no-one can miss. Someone has pointed out that the statistics on death are appalling. One hundred out of one hundred people will eventually die. We are all terminally ill with a disease called death, we just don’t know when the end will come.

When I was young my life turned around most notably when Princess Diana died. Prior to her death she had been in the paper every day and had been on the news most evenings. It seemed like she was the most popular and in some quarters the most likeable of all women. To me this seemed to suggest that given her importance she was more immortal than others. Her untimely death shook me to the core, but why?  It shook me because it pointed to my own mortality and that I have no idea when this will happen. Death is no respecter of persons. From the least to the greatest it matters not what age you are or how popular you are, you simply do not know the time.

The scripture above reminds us that there is no second chance. The only opportunity you will ever have to get right with God is the opportunity God affords you right now.

So the big question, what happens when we die?

Part 2 to follow on what happens when we die whether Christian or non-Christian?



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