“Religion the cause of most wars”

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Is the above statement correct?

Sounds plausible but important to ask the person who makes this claim; how did you come to that conclusion?

Why is this? Well because it is factually incorrect.

Religion is the cause of a small minority of wars.

“Encyclopedia of Wars” (Philips & Axelrod) examined 5,000 years of wars = 1,763 wars. 123 (7%) were religious. Remove the 66 wars in name of Islam and the number decreases to 3%.

“The Encyclopedia of Wars” (Gordon Martel) confirms this data: 6% wars labelled as religious.

2014 report from Institute of Economics & Peace also debunks this myth, that religion is the cause of most wars.

Actually strong case can be made that atheism is the cause of most wars and bloodshed.

“Lethal Politics & Death by Government” has secular bodycount at more than 100 million in the 20th century alone.

Millions died at the hands of atheist regimes such as; Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin etc.

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