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Welcome to the continutation of our series for seekers.
Today we ask: What is it all about?

What is life all about? What is our purpose and why are we here at all?
We all search for these answers but unfortunately most of us will look in the wrong places. We try to find the answers in the things which actually end up hurting us and potentially those around us.

God made us to have wealth, love, power and purpose. But instead of these we look for money, sex, influence and ambition. These however are only cheap substitutes which will never actually fulfill.
Only God can fill us and show what true meaning really is.

So why do we all look in the wrong areas?
In part, I believe this is due to a negative imprinting from the world around us.
We attach to what we see around us.

This is the same for humans who have been raised by animals. Their early attachment went wrong and in several cases, we hear of a boy raised by monkeys.
Despite all attempts, after having spent 4/5 years with animals, their brains had been permanently imprinted with animal behaviour and they had lost their human identity.

We like the boys above have identified with a fallen world and instead of looking in the right place, we attach to what we see first.

Thankfully God has not left us in this mess.
So, what were we made for?

Isaiah 43:7
“Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

We were made to worship and look to the God of love & compassion. Only he can fill that longing in us for wealth, love, power and purpose.

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